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At Morton & Associates, we offer a comprehensive range of visa services, catering to diverse needs and aspirations. Led by Jonathan Morton, our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support, ensuring that individuals and businesses navigate the intricate landscape of visa categories with confidence.

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Our Extensive Visa Services

Non-Immigrant Visas

For temporary stays in the U.S., Morton & Associates assists individuals in securing Non-Immigrant Visas. Whether for tourism, business, education, or specialized purposes, our team provides strategic guidance for a successful visa application.

Student Visas (F and M)

Aspiring students looking to pursue education in the U.S. can rely on Morton & Associates for assistance with Student Visas (F and M). Our team ensures compliance with student visa requirements, facilitating a smooth transition to academic pursuits.

Exchange Visitor Visas (J-1)

Individuals participating in exchange programs, including scholars, researchers, and interns, benefit from Morton & Associates' expertise in securing Exchange Visitor Visas (J-1). We guide participants through the application process, fostering cultural exchange opportunities.

Investor and Business Visas (E, L, O)

Entrepreneurs and business professionals seeking opportunities in the U.S. can explore Investor and Business Visas, including E, L, and O visas. Morton & Associates provides strategic support for investors, intracompany transferees, and individuals with extraordinary abilities.

Religious Worker Visas (R Visa)

Individuals involved in religious occupations, such as ministers, missionaries, and religious workers, may benefit from Religious Worker Visas (R Visa). Morton & Associates assists religious organizations and workers in navigating the application process.

Victims of Crime Visas (U Visa)

Victims of certain crimes who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse and are willing to assist law enforcement may be eligible for U Visas. Morton & Associates supports victims through the U Visa application process, advocating for their rights.

Citizenship and Naturalization

For individuals looking to become U.S. citizens, Morton & Associates offers services related to Citizenship and Naturalization. Our team provides guidance on eligibility criteria, the naturalization process, and facilitates efficient application processing.

Humanitarian Visas (T and U Visas)

Morton & Associates assists individuals facing human trafficking (T Visa) or victims of certain crimes (U Visa) in securing Humanitarian Visas. Our team navigates the unique requirements of these visas, providing support for victims seeking safety in the U.S.